SPT1 – Team Grand Prix




1 photo in the uniform with name and surname of the contestant indicated on it must be sent to the Organization Committee. Teams of 6 chefs must prepare, cook and serve 15 covers of 3 types in 180 minutes (service personnel and presentation equipment will be covered by the Organization Committee and Sponsor companies). Food materials to be used in the competition will be prepared by the Organization Committee and will not be shown to the competitors until the start of the competition. It is forbidden to use materials other than those given. The countertops to be used by the competitors (such as bathtub, pan, knife, wood, etc.) must be brought by themselves. After the start of the competition, 3 food products chosen by the jury will be given to the competitors (they have to add these products to their previously determined menu.). 20 minutes after the competition starts the team captain must present the menu, which he or she will prepare in English and Turkish, to the jury by writing the station number. Teams can use their own portable and hand tools. Teams will be judged by the jury in the areas of efficient use of ingredients, menu balance, originality and culinary skills. Optionally, a steward may be used if he or she is not dressed in a chef’s uniform. Accommodation, Transfer Food and Beverage Uniform and Participation Medal will be covered by the Organizing Committee for all competitors between the dates of the competition.

Participation fee per person: 980€

Number of Participating Teams: 20

Participant Age: 18 – 90

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TR87 0001 2001 5610 0010 1007 47

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