International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival, which is organised by Cooks and Chefs Federation of Turkey (COCFED) for the 18th time, will be held in Avrasya Fuar Merkezi on December 23-26 2022. A joint organisation with World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) welcomes the world in our country. We expect a huge interest in this event which is organised with leading federations and associations from all around the world, as previous years. The festival which connects Turkish and World Cuisine brings world’s different tastes to Istanbul. After gaining ‘Continental’ title from WACS through successful event in the past years, International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival provides a competition platform for our country’s student and young chefs.

Chefs from different cultures who have opportunity to explore Turkey, are hosted in colourful organizations. International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival which brings important values to our country, acts as a bridge for introducing Turkish Cuisine to the world as well as bringing in new chefs to Turkey and the world.

Turkish and International chefs will compete over more than 70 categories in order to earn medals. Cooks and Chefs Federation of Turkey aims to contribute to gastronomy tourism economy with these big organizations for years. The federation is also completes the lack in the education sector by collaborative projects with universities and new establishments in terms of developing certification programs.

International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival is also a huge platform for presenting and improving awareness for gastronomy brands who are growing in Turkey and international field by providing them special spaces in the festival area.